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We are Vietnamese pottery manufacturer and wholesale base in South Vietnam. Our products like planter and flower pots, urns, vases in glazed, terracotta, terrazzo and zinc. Having over thirteen years experience and got a team of talented and skilled craftsmen. Nowadays, NAM A POTTERY Company, Ltd. is the one of the leading producers of garden-pottery ornamental articles in Vietnam.

The manufacturing process begins by mixing three different types of clay made from the finest sand in Vietnam into the proper consistency to begin the production process. The clay is hand formed into the mold, then glazing and load into wood-burning kilns. The temperature, which goes as high as 1160 degrees, fires the pots. The firing and cooling process takes a total of five days until they are removed from the kilns.

Our quality control department then chooses the best pots to be taken to the warehouse. The pots are inspected again upon cleaning and finishing. And when bundle pack by three layers carton, the pots will be inspected for a third time before palletize and loading into the containers for shipment.

Though owning a large range of various designs of planter, our crafty designers continuously create new designs to satisfy different tastes of different markets and consumers. Authorized to make more direct exports, we sincerely hope that our products meet your market requirements and hope to become one of your suppliers on the base of our both mutual beneficiary.

Should you have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime.

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About Us
About Us
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